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The 38 Bach Flowers

The 38 Bach Flowers are the vibrational energy of 37 healing plants and one of the water from a natural spring.


The Bach Flower Remedies are the vibration of healing plants. Using words to describe this vibration is like describing the color blue to someone who has never seen blue. Use the brief descriptions below to give you a guide to an initial selection. Reading different people’s descriptions of the vibrations gives hints as to the subtleties of each of the remedies. Fortunately, if you choose the wrong remedy, no harm is done. The best way to determine if it is the “right” remedy is to actually take the remedy. Just add two drops to a glass of water and sip.  The more you practice or “play” with the flowers, the better you get at choosing remedies.


“The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies.” Dr. Edward Bach

This book contains the original descriptions for the remedies by Dr. Bach.

There is a free download of this book, and others by Dr. Bach at the Bach Centre. 

“The 38 Bach Flower Essences.” Wigmore Publications Limited

The descriptions in this book are simple and easy to understand. This was the reference I initially depended upon to understand each of the remedies.

“The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy.” Mechthild Scheffer

Mechthild Scheffer does a lovely job of explaining each of the flower remedies. She also has a detailed questionnaire to determine remedies, usual combinations, Kirlian photos of each of the remedies, and a comparison between remedies.


  • 38 single remedies
  • 293 million possible combinations
  • Seven Categories:

The 38 Bach Flowers Indications​

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