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The Bach Flower Remedies do not take the place of professional medical or psychiatric care.

The Bach Flower Remedies are safe to take, and can be very helpful for babies and children.

These are vibrational remedies, not pharmacological. You cannot overdose. Rescue Remedy or any of the other 38 Flowers are appropriate to use for children. "Rescue Kids" is Rescue Remedy which is preserved in glycerin instead of alcohol. "Kid Confidence" is Larch which is preserved in glycerin instead of alcohol. "Kid Daydream" is Clematis which is preserved in glycerin instead of alcohol. All of the remedies are now also available preserved in glycerin. When you use the remedies, either alcohol or glycerin based, dilute them in Spring Water as described below. Do not give children remedies directly from the stock bottle.

"Now the kids come and ask me for "magic drops" when they are upset." KH, mother of 4


Just as for adults, you choose the remedy based on the current mental or emotional attitude. Go to 38 Flowers for a brief description of the indication for each remedy. Consider what is happening right now, and what is the child's usual temperament or personality.

Here is a short list of remedies to consider:

Walnut - to help with adjusting to change,. be it the weather, travelling, new school, change in routine,... any change

Aspen - for nightmares

Chestnut Bud - if having problems with learning from past experience

Clematis - if they seem to be daydreaming

Willow - for whining

Holly - for sibling rivalry

Mimulus - for shyness

Cherry Plum - for uncontrollable ...... (be it crying, screaming, hitting.....)

Vine or Chicory - for bossiness

Impatiens - for irritability

Wild Oat - if they can't decide what they want to do when they grow up

Larch - lack of confidence

Pine - guilt, taking the blame for others mistakes

Honeysuckle - homesickness


Children can be very intuitive. Sometimes they will choose the remedy they or a family member needs. Test it out, and see if it makes a difference.

"The kids (twins age 3) kept pulling out the Larch. I would move it to different locations in the kit, and they would keep on taking it out. I gave it to them, to myself and it made no change. Then I realized my husband was in a new job and was concerned about his ability to handle it. I gave it to him and that helped his confidence at his new job." KH, mother of 4


Ideally, start with one remedy at a time. Children respond quickly. If they don't respond. Choose another remedy.

What I do, is add 2 drops of the chosen remedy (4 drops if Rescue Remedy) to either a treatment bottle filled with Spring Water, or directly to a pint size bottle of Spring Water. Then choose from the following options:

  • add some to their water, to their milk, to their juice or other fluid.
  • rub some of the water onto their skin at the pulse points
  • put some water into a spray bottle and spray the air around them.
  • add 10 drops to the bath water and bathe in it

Remember -

It is OK if family members share the water. If they have the same "attitude" it will help. If they don't need the it, it will have no effect.

These are vibrational remedies, not pharmacological. You cannot overdose.

Need help choosing remedies?

  • Review the 38 Flowers and ask, which one seems to match my mood or personality?
  • Schedule a personal Consultationwith Helen Hess, BFRP. Call 520-888-9338 to schedule an appointment or email.
  • Go to the Services page to register for a Free Community Presentation or for Bach Flower Level 1
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