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Dr. Edward Bach, 1886-1936

  • Physician, bacteriologist, immunologist, pathologist, homeopath
  • 1912 – Licensed by the Royal College of Physicians
  • 1913 - BA in Medicine and Surgery
  • 1914 – Public Health Diploma

Dr. Bach’s Philosophy

  • “Behind all disease lie our fears, our anxieties, our greed, our likes, our dislikes.”
  • “Treat the person, treat the cause, not the disease.”
  • “Treat the patient according to the mood, according to the character, the individuality.”

While treating patients, Dr. Bach noted that even though patients may have the same diagnosis, their temperament differed. He searched for methods to treat them as individuals. As a bacteriologist, he developed the seven Bach Nosodes to treat intestinal toxemia. The personality or temperament of the patient indicated the correct nosode to use. He disliked using toxic materials to treat patients and turned to nature. He discovered how to harness how to harness the vibration of healing plants to treat his patients. Over a period of seven years he discovered the 38 remedies that make up the healing system known as The Bach Flower Remedies.


The first 20 remedies were made using the "Sun Method." In this method, the flower heads were picked in the height of the summer growing season and floated in bowel of spring water in full sunlight for 3 hours. He used the "boiling method" for the last 18 remedies which were from trees, bushes, and plants. The blossoms from these plants were picked, boiled in a sauce pan and left in the pan to cool outdoors. The potentized water (from either method) was then filtered and mixed with equal part of brandy to make the mother tincture. Further dilutions are used to make the stock bottle. The stock bottle is the what one purchases for use.

For more information about Dr. Bach and his discovery of The Bach Flowers read:

“Heal Thyself. An Explanation of the Real Cause and Cure of Disease.” Dr. Edward Bach

“The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies.” Dr. Edward Bach

“The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach, Physician.” Nora Weeks

“Collected Writings of Edward Bach.” Editted by Julian Barnard

“The Original Writings of Edward Bach.” Judy Howard and John Ramsell

Click on free download. Many of the above books are available for free from the Bach Centre. 

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