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The Bach Flower Remedies do not take the place of veterinarian care...


Rescue Remedy or any of the other 38 Flowers are appropriate to use for pets. "Rescue Pet" is Rescue Remedy which is preserved in glycerin instead of alcohol. When you use the remedies, either alcohol or glycerin based, dilute them in Spring Water as described below. Do not give pets remedies directly from the stock bottle.

When you choose remedies for pets, here are some considerations:

  1. Are their needs being met? That is, appropriate veterinarian care, food, safety, and socialization.
  2. Many times behavioral issues are "fear based." In this case, most of the time Rescue Remedy or one of The Bach Flower Remedies in Category 1 (Mimulus, Aspen, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, or possibly Red Chestnut) are indicated.
  3. What is normal behavior for that type of animal (cat, dog, bird, horse,.....), and what are normal behavioral patterns for the breed?
  4. What is the current situation?
  5. What is the pet's personality?


Since most "misbehaving" is fear based, start with Rescue Remedy, or one of the fear flowers.

If this makes no change then consider -


For example, my dog would not leave the house and go for a walk with me. I tested Rescue Remedy, then each of the fear remedies, one at a time. She still would not leave the house. Then.... I thought, she is a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. Her job is to keep me safe and keep me herded at home. Holly, is the remedy for suspicion. I gave her Holly, and out the door we went.


  • Grief - Many of my clients have discussed with me how their pets' behavior have changed following the death of my client's spouse. A common combination that has been helpful is: Star of Bethlehem (grief), Honeysuckle (the past), and Walnut (adjusting to change).
  • Impatience - for example, my daughter's cat, Athena, was given a special treat. After that, every morning when my daughter went to the kitchen, the cat (usually a very shy cat), was there meowing and moving in and through my daughter's legs. After Athena was given Impatiens, she still came to the kitchen, but she sat very quietly and patiently next to the refrigerator.
  • Loneliness - for example, after my husband and I returned from a trip, our dog would "over greet" us and whine and continue to come to be petted or given attention. My husband said, "I think she is lonely." This directed my thought to the Loneliness category, and from there to Heather (the communication flower, and the need for attention). Since taking Heather, she greets us calmly.
  • Infection - (always seek appropriate veterinarian care). Crab Apple is the cleansing remedy. Adding crab apple can assist in "cleansing" internally and externally. I gave a horse with eye drainage Crab Apple in a bucket of water. The next day, the horse had no eye drainage.


What kind of personality does your pet have?

For example - it was said that all cats are "Water Violets" in that they are aloof. Well, having been with many cats, this has not been my experience. My daughter was pregnant with her first child. I knew her cat, Hamilton, pretty well. He was a very friendly cat, and always wanted to be the center of attention. I advised her to give Hamilton the remedy Chicory (the mother flower, overcare, the need for attention). One night, after her son was born, she called. "What was the remedy for Hammy, and how long will it take?" Apparently, Hamilton started chewing all the wires after the baby came home. She gave him Chicory, and he stopped chewing the wires.


Ideally, start with one remedy at a time. Children respond quickly. If they don't respond. Choose another remedy.

What I do, is add 2 drops of the chosen remedy (4 drops if Rescue Remedy) to either a treatment bottle filled with Spring Water, or directly to a pint size bottle of Spring Water. Then choose from the following options:

  • add some to their water, to their food, or put a few drops on a treat
  • rub some of the water onto their foot pads, nose or the skin surface of their ears
  • put some water into a spray bottle and spray the air around them. I only used this method after my cat was injured. She hid in a corner, would not come out, and would not eat or drink.
  • Remember -
  • It is OK if other pets share the water. If they have the same "attitude" it will help. If they don't need the it, it will have no effect. For larger animals, put 10 drops into a large bucket of water.
  • These are vibrational remedies, not pharmacological. You cannot overdose.

Need help choosing remedies?

  • Review the 38 remedies and ask, which one seems to match my pet?

  • Schedule a personal consultation with Helen Hess, BFRP. Call 520-888-9338 to schedule an appointment or email.
  • Go to the Services page to register for a free Community Presentation or Level 1.
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