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DLP2 Sessions

If you are a Bach Centre student and wish to study with Helen Hess, BFRP contact Stefan Ball at the Bach Centre. Helen is scheduled to lead the DLP2  6 session block for Bach Centre students beginning January 5, 2022

DLP2 sessions are part of the Distance Learning Program for completion of Level 2 for Bach Centre Students currently enrolled in the DLP2 program through the Bach Centre.  Either click on the class below or go to the page for each class to enroll. 

Also, if you are a prior Level 2 student and want some refresher, you may also sign up for any or all of these sessions.

Do NOT sign up here if you are currently enrolled with Helen in the Trainer Led DLP2. 

The following sessions will be available for Bach Centre student enrollment on or about July 6 2022. The links below are NOT currently active. 

   The sessions are: 

Session 1: Story-Feeling-Remedy

Session 2: Film Night

Session 3: Create a Case

Session 4: Play a Part

Session 5: Bach and You

Session 6: Your Next Step

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